Our Coffess

At Ceca we provide the full spectrum of Costa Rican Coffees.


Costa Rica has eight coffee regions, and each one produces a unique type of coffee. Altitude, soil, and different microclimates contribute to distinct flavor characteristics for each of our regions. We have established different brands for each special type of coffee or region. As an exporter, we have established relationships with various suppliers throughout our country which allows us to satisfy the various needs of our clients worldwide.


Palmichal Mill and Micro Mill are owned and operated by CECA and both are located on the same premises in the small and charming town of Palmichal de Acosta. The surrounding area of the mill has breathtaking vegetation, nature, and also some of the best farms in the entire country. The Mills have a strategic location just between the Tarrazu and Central Valley Regions, this gives us access to great quality cherries from both regions while keeping them separate, traceable, and just a fresh short ride from the farms. At Palmichal we produce a wide range of qualities that go from the ❝classic❞ Costa Rican fully washed types to micro-lots of experimental processes and single varietals.

Regional Coffees

At Palmichal we produce Fully Washed SHB EP Tarrazu, SHB EP Central Valley (Fancy), and Standard SHB EP types. These are some of the most popular qualities for Costa Rican Coffee, and our goal is to produce their best version. We put a lot of effort into a very clean milling process and slow controlled drying, we want to make sure our product is consistent and that the cup complexity is extended through time.

Community Coffees

The criteria used to select a specific Community to become part of our ❝Community Program❞ is based on targeting places where we find distinct cup profiles and also farmers who are committed to growing and picking at outstanding levels of professionalism. Only perfectly picked ripped cherries can enter our Community Program and the farmers who are committed with these levels of demands get the sweet economic rewards of their extra efforts. The cluster of farmers that we work within each community is small and this allows us to provide complete traceability. For the most part, our community coffees are fully washed process, but we also process some using honey methods. Some of the communities that have performed well year after year are: Santa Cruz, La Cuesta, Frailes, Palmichal, Bustamante, and Aserrí.

Micro-lots and special processes from Palmichal Micro Mill

At Palmichal we have a state of the art micro-mill that has been under constant improvement since it was first built in 2015. Our goal is to enhance the already very high quality of some of the top farms that we work with, through alternative processing methods. We are always experimenting in order to find the best process for each varietal and farm in order to maximize the complexity in each coffee. Our processes include all grades of honey, naturals, and several anaerobic fermentation types. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit: http://www.palmichalmicromill.com/


Ceca has long-lasting relationships with the majority of mills (and micro-mills) in Costa Rica, giving us the ability to supply even the most specific coffee needs. With our structure, we are able to provide solutions for small roasters, importers, and producers connecting great coffees with great people. Costa Rica is one of the leading countries in the field of innovation and working closely with so many amazing producers had allowed us to contribute our share and elevate their quality and relationships worldwide.

“We belive that every bag of coffee we deliver to a client, we are making a long lasting friendship, that transcends borders and language barriers”

Social Responsibility

We are Committed to a sustainable and growing coffee business

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and its subsidiary Ceca are firmly committed to a sustainable and growing coffee business.

We believe that a company can only be viable in the long term if all participants in the value chain can make a sustainable living from the fruits of their labor. In our role as intermediary we represent a balance between the different interests of producers and consumers. For this reason we are proactive partners in our community and we are committed to a sustainable coffee economy. Cooperation goes far beyond purely commercial relations and contributes significantly to improving the lives of farmers and their families.

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