Country Costa Rica
Region of origin
Tarrazú, sourced primarily from Los Frailes and Bustamente
Location (lat/lon)
9°44’47.41″N / 84° 3’20.64″W
Altitude range
from 1,200 to 1,800 m above sea level
Average annual rainfall
2,000 mm per year and m2
Harvest Period
normally from December through February
Average annual production
Taste characteristics A coffee with nicely balanced flavor and a strong body; high acidity.
Visual characteristics Even, closed bean cut
Coffee type Arabica, washed, machine-dried
Special varieties or types Caturrai, Catuai
Screen size 70% over screen 17


Crossing the picturesque passes just south of the Central Valley, we uncover Tarrazú. The word “Tarrazú” itself is derived from the ancient Huetar Indian tribe that once inhabited this zone. Amapola grows on these steep slopes in the regions of Los Frailes and Bustamante.

The perpetual springs provided by the proximity to the Pacific Ocean are major factors that contribute to this high quality coffee. Needless to say, the region has a very strong coffee culture and is proud of being the forbearer of quality, providing one of the best coffees in the world.

The natural beauty of the region has triumphed over environmental adversities. Those involved in the growing and milling process are deeply committed to protecting their environment and to preserve the crystal clear rivers and scenic valleys.

This coffee has an intense flavor and body, as well as a sharp acidity that is very agreeable to the palate. Its aroma will make you long for another cup.