Country Costa Rica
Region of origin
West Valley
Location (lat/lon)
10° 5’15.74″N / 84°22’47.89″W
Altitude range
from 1,200 to 1,600 m above sea level
Average annual rainfall
2,250 mm per year and m2
Harvest Period
normally from December through February
Average annual production
Taste characteristics Coffee with medium body, rich flavor and an intense and full aroma; sharp, vibrant acidity
Visual characteristics Even, close bean cut
Coffee type Arabica, washed, machine-dried
Special varieties or types Caturra, Catuai
Screen size 70% over screen 17


The Azalea is a flower of peculiar yet exquisite aroma, one of nature’s true beauties. The flower like our coffee is a symbol of the unique splendors that made Costa Rica’s Central Valley legendary.

Azalea is produced on farms that transcend this stunning valley of Costa Rica. The strong influence of volcanic soil in the Central Valley combined with the dry, Pacific climate and two very distinct seasons during the course of the year allow for the perfect development of coffee cherries in this region.