Country Costa Rica
Region of origin
SHB regions
Location (lat/lon)
9°50’23.10″N / 84°12’9.77″W
Altitude range
from 1,200 to 1,600 m above sea level
Average annual rainfall
2,000 mm per year and m2
Harvest Period
normally from December through February
Average annual production
Taste characteristics A smooth, medium.bodied coffee with very nice flavor and an excellent aroma; high, clean acidity
Visual characteristics Strictly hard, even and closed bean cut
Coffee type Arabica, washed, machine-dried
Special varieties or types Caturra, Catuai
Screen size 70% over screen 17


The Pacific winds caress the mountains and position the clouds, which brush our volcanic soils with beneficial rains. At the heights of the mountains where our Tres Nubes coffee is grown, the same heights at which these farms overlap the clouds, a beautiful landscape and serene atmosphere is created for coffee cultivation.

In this valley, lush volcanic soils are mixed with stable temperatures and abundant sunlight throughout the course of the year, shaping the ideal environment to grow coffee.

The farms of this region belong to small, independent farmers whose old fashioned methods produce a coffee of outstanding quality. This coffee is produced by a selected group of coffee farmers on plantations that are well-cared for. These coffees celebrate the natural beauty of the region.